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Author: Camille Jessica Cunanan

An assignment that lets me be ~TRENDY~


If there is one thing I know in life that holds true, it is that people like to follow trends. Trends make you “cool” or “hip” and regretfully, society (including me) are faithful followers to trends. If you watch a lot of television, whether you like the news or binging on Netflix, there seems to be certain diseases that make their stardom on your plasma screen…


  1. INFLUENZA: Turn on the 7 AM newscast and the first thing you hear is more statistics about how many people are stumbling into hospitals with a bad case of the flu. The flu has been around since 1918 and even a century later, we still cannot seem to kick off the bug (1). There may be a vaccine, but there are so many strains of the flu that sometimes the vaccine does not even work. Is there a solution or are we plagued forever?
  2. DEPRESSION: 350 million people in the world are diagnosed with depression and because it has become so prevalent in society, the need for attention towards depression has made its way towards the TV screen (2). From shows like “13 Reasons Why” to a commercial starring a celebrity talking about the importance of awareness, depression has plagued too many. Anti-depressants have so many side-affects and can sometimes make people feel worse. Can we think of something better?
  3. ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: Believe or not, the United States has spent $259 billion on treatment and research towards Alzheimer’s Disease in the year of 2017 (3). No matter where you turn, someone’s loved one has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Not only is it harrowing on the shoulders of Dr. Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but it is also on the shoulders of modern society. What kind of research is all this money going towards?




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