Reflecction: What is Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a very interesting discipline. When I started college, I came in with the intentions of being a biology major. High school laid out the fundamentals of each discipline, including biology and chemistry. There was never an integration of the two, so understanding biochemistry as a discipline was new for me. I was always interested in pharmacy and pursuing a career in pharmacy. So, when I had my first biochemistry class, I started understanding how important biochemistry is to understand the fundamentals in various other disciplines. As someone who is really interested in pharmacy, studying biochemistry helped me understand the foundation of drug therapy. Biochemistry is the root of understanding pharmacy. Biochemistry is the study of chemical reactions that occur in biological systems. The discipline itself is the foundation of many other disciplines. The integration of biology with chemistry helps us understand how living organisms obtain energy from food, how drug therapy works, the chemical processes in the passing of genes, how chemical processes change in diseased individuals, how the body fights against pathogens, and how our brain function to name a few. Within the discipline, we can understand genetics, pharmacology, immunology, neuroscience, physical chemistry and many more. So, studying biochemistry gives us the tools necessary to understand various disciplines. For me, studying biochemistry made me love pharmacy even more. It allowed me to understand how drug therapy works. Understanding biochemistry allows pharmacists to investigate how diseases affect the chemistry and natural reactions that occur within our bodies to understand the mechanism of drug action. By understanding how reactions occur in the body, we can use drugs to get back to homeostasis. To understand the structure of living things and their function is useful to understand the intricate details of the body and how to control them.
Studying biochemistry for me is learning the reactions that take place in our bodies to understand the chemistry of life. Biochemistry is very centered on proteins because proteins are very important in the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. Pharmacy is also similar in that you need to understand the relationship between a certain drug and the receptor that it binds to. You need to understand the structure of the drug, what protein does it target, how will it be metabolized in the liver and if it will have an affect in the body or not. I didn’t realize how important biochemistry is in understanding other disciplines. All the classes that I have taken in college have not prepared me as much as biochemistry in pursing a career in pharmacy. Something as simple as an over the counter pill that we may take for pain has an amazing effect on our bodies. For example, ibuprofen, commonly known as Motrin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and is used to help with aches. It works by blocking the production of prostaglandins by binding to an enzyme, COX. This simple drug has a tremendous effect on our bodies, and biochemistry helps us understand why.
My career goal is to go to pharmacy school and learn the effects of drug therapy. Having a background in biochemistry will allow me to understand these processes better. In an interview for a pharmacy school I had, one of the tour guides asked me what my major is and I told him I was a biochemistry major. He told me that is the best major to have before coming to pharmacy school. He said that you will have the foundation needed to be successful in pharmacy school and that I have an advantage for having taken biochemistry classes as most of the classes in pharmacy school have roots in biochemistry. Biochemistry is in all the sciences and without understanding biochemistry, we can’t understand other sciences.

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