Reflection Blog 3

Author: Will Bowman

In investigating the literature behind Tourette’s syndrome, I have been compiling literature. I am separating this information into 4 main categories: Histidine, Genetics, Molecular, Drug Targets, and Neurobiology.

I am using these categories as these are the regions most of the research seems to revolve around, the histidine involvement, the genetic causes and links to the syndrome, molecular targets or differentiated concentrations of molecules, various drugs and drug targets being used to treat the conditon, and the neurobiology around the field informing of how the brain is affected.

Most of this research focuses on genetic dysruptions and the involvement of the histidine systems in tourettes. These are likely the best ways to approach the subject from a biochemical standpoint, but I intend to use the other areas to inform my research. So far, the major breakthroughs are involved in the histidine systems, these are all new research, and previous work says very little about these systems suggesting they are still emerging.

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