The accumulation or absence of endothelial cells causes angiogenesis to form or deform. Endothelial cells have to migrate and proliferate in order to form the blood vessels. The proliferation but not the migration is empowered by numerous crucial steps and in this research paper by Schoors, et al. explores the ambiguity of such cellular formation. Fatty acid oxidation (FAO) has been determined to be the main source of carbon for dNTP synthesis. In previous eruption, it was understood that oxidation of fatty acid into Acetyl CoA was funding the DNA with nucleotides for proliferation. So, by knocking down the carnitine palmitoyltranserase 1, they were able to understand that carbon bags were coming from the fatty acid oxidation. By silencing CPT1 and adding dNTPs or acetate, the proliferation have regained its business. The knockdown of CPT1 showed that there was less sprouting in the cells. The study also explored the TCA and inhibition of CPT1 which had no effect on the levels of RNA or the proteins. The high impact the study have on uncontrolled angiogenesis will definitely open several doors for treatments of many diseases that are relevant or irrelevant.


Schoors, et al. Fatty acid carbon is essential for dNTP synthesis in endothelial cells. Nature 520, 192–197 (2015).

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