Why biochemistry?

What does it mean to study biochemistry?

To study biochemistry, is to study various chemical implications in biological systems (or living things). Biochemistry makes up various fields that all generally study the molecules and the mechanisms that these molecules participate in that allow biological systems to work and function properly (or improperly, for that matter). Biochemistry can be applied to medicine, agriculture, genetics, nutrition and various other areas that need science to exist and progress. Biochemistry focuses on studying macromolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and so on. It studies the structures, functions, and various bodily interactions of these macromolecules and how they help and allow processes to occur within and between cells. Chemistry is behind all everyday bodily actions that occur in living organisms that most people take for granted and do not even realize are occurring every single moment of the day. Biochemical processes allow us to continue living and allow our body to continue functioning. Studying biochemistry means to study what allows us to get nutrients, get rid of waste products, and all other metabolic functions. It means to study the molecular causes of diseases (the body improperly functioning). It is the understanding of structural orientations of biomolecules in space and how various chemical mechanisms work with these structures to allow proper (or improper) functioning of living systems.

Why do I study biochemistry?

The chemical basis of disease is the ultimate reason why I study biochemistry. I am absolutely fascinated by the malfunctioning of chemical processes and mechanisms within the body and how this relates to the development of various bodily issues and ultimately, diseases. It is interesting how one small, seemingly insignificant, bodily mechanism can cause such severe and traumatic problems to be faced by individuals. I study biochemistry to grow and develop my knowledge, which will enable me to work to better understand diseases, why they occur, and how they occur. By understanding what is supposed to be “normal” for proper bodily functioning, I can study the implications of the “abnormal” on the human body. With this biochemical knowledge, I will continue my studying of biochemistry in some way following my undergraduate degree while working to achieve my PhD in graduate school, particularly in some area of the wide field of pharmaceutical sciences. My biochemical knowledge will allow me to work towards development of therapeutic treatments and cures for diseases. By understanding the chemical mechanism in which an individual or a group of people are having a bodily malfunction, pharmaceutical drugs can be developed to help to perfect this damaged bodily mechanism.

Studying and learning how to properly evaluate this information will allow me to pursue a career within some aspect of research and development within the great pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is working to develop better treatments for many diseases or just any treatment at all if no treatment is yet available. The knowledge of biochemical processes, though difficult to understand, within the body can truly answer so many currently unanswered questions within the field. Many diseases do not yet have any sufficient pharmacological treatments for sufferers. I study biochemistry in order to help people. I want be a small part in alleviating people’s unnecessary suffering from their bodily malfunctioning. I want to be a part of using what I know about biochemical functions to help to develop pharmaceutical drugs that can change a person’s life for the better. If just one person can have a better meaning of life and have more joy within their life, then the world can become a little bit better of a place.

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