Thank you snowstorm for leaving me time to brainstorm!

Throughout the midst of this norovirus outbreak, I had been hoping the school would be shut down, even if it were just for a day. I was really hoping for Thursday because it would leave me time to study for my first Advanced Biochemistry exam on lipids. Well, the health center did not answer my prayers, but Mother Nature did! As I sit writing this blog post with coffee in hand (interestingly enough, the first semester I decide to take three science classes is the first semester I give in and decide to start drinking coffee), I reflect on which disease I want to study for my CUE project this semester.


  1. Viral Meningitis: At 12 weeks old my parents realized that I was being more fussy than usual and after discovering that I had a high fever, took me to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Emergency room where I was diagnosed with viral meningitis. I’m very glad it wasn’t bacterial, and I’m even more grateful to not remember my spinal tap.
  2. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: My sister has been suffering from this trauma induced form of nerve damage for several years now. I am interested in finding out which proteins cause her inflammation to spike.
  3. Hashimoto’s Disease: Two of my cousins suffer from this genetic thyroid condition. It can cause hair loss, weight gain/loss, and many other devastating symptoms.

Now that this post is out of the way, it’s time to get back to my coffee (and I guess the lipids too!)

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