What is Biochemistry Really About?

In search for a title for this blog, I stumbled upon a few web pages that some would call “popular” sources. As college students, we are well aware how frowned upon these sources can be in an academic circle. My opinion on this matter differs, however, as these sites can provide valuable information than can sometimes be less biased than academic sources. When I was a freshman at Muhlenberg College, I was encouraged by one of my favorite chemistry professors to pursue an education in biochemistry. I started my college career as a prospective Biology major, and ended up being easily persuaded to take the path less traveled by, the biochemistry route. Now, three years later, I have no regrets about the decision I made.

Coming out of high school, I had a limited scientific background. No one in my family is a scientist, and only a few of my relatives went to college. So you can imagine that when my professor recommended a biochemistry major, I was not too eager. I went home that day and Google-searched biochemistry. The field sounded difficult, busy, and new. I was intrigued. I  learned that studying biochemistry in the 21st century involved a lot of bioinformatics and very advanced cancer research. There was so much that we did not know, and so much room for growth.

Taking biology classes and chemistry classes is undeniably enjoyable, but to be able to connect the two is what makes the biochemical field one of the most appealing fields to me. Every biological function involves numerous intricate chemical reactions. Studying these reactions is what allows us to learn more and more about plants, animals, and all other living organisms, and more importantly, it allows us to understand human diseases and find targets for medications. The biochemistry field has helped many other fields grow, making it a varied science, and thus driving the name of this blog. As an aspiring physician, I am confident that the field I am majoring in will slowly, but surely, contribute significantly more to the medical field, helping patients get back to their families, and out of the hospitals, quicker and safer.

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