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Author: Calvin Inners

The human body is just like any incredible complex machine. There are many extraordinary things that we can accomplish. Unfortunately, since our bodies are extremely complex we can suffer when small parts of our bodies break down or when they are not built correctly. Inspired by this analogy, I am going to look at three diseases that have a genetic component to their etiology for the CUE project.

  1. Prostate cancer makes up nearly 10% of new cancer diagnoses and is the third most common cancer. Since it impacts the lives of so many men each year, it is important to understand what causes prostate cancer. To narrow the focus of the project, I am going to look at ERG mutated prostate cancer since it makes up nearly 50% of cancers.
  2. Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, affects people from all age ranges. Typically, type one only occurs in children while type two impacts adults. Since diabetes has a genetic component in type 1, I am going to explore this mutation to see why diabetes presents so early in some children’s life.
  3. Alzheimer’s is a disease is a very common disease that has more than three million new cases each year that impacts the neurological functions such as memory in people. Despite it being so common, there is still no known cures for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s can be divided into roughly two categories; non-genetic Alzheimer’s or Early-Onset Alzheimer’s disease that is cause by a handful of mutations.




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